Wickedyouth H1Z1 division is here!

Tue 7th Feb 2017 - 9:03pm : Gaming

We are pleased to annonunce that we now have a team for our H1Z1 Divison. This marks a milestone for WickedYouth and expands our organisation.

We are looking in to the future and we know H1Z1 is going to be huge.


 WickedYouth H1Z1 Line-up:

  • Daniel 'Ruffsarn' Andersson
  • Max 'Maxen' Ekelund
  • Loui 'Pyjj' Pettersson
  • Marcus 'Ghostrider' Olsson
  • Tim 'Fear9' Franzén
  • Robin 'Legallysane' Johansson (Team Manager & Stand-in)


This line-up is playing 5vs5 Scrims against other top teams like:

  • Reason-Gaming
  • Penta Esports
  • Rogue
  • Echo-fox


The players of the team has all been top 500 during season 2 in solo play.


We wish them welcome and good luck.



Jimmie Björkman

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