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Mon 23rd Jan 2017 - 9:20pm : Gaming

We have searched far and wide and today we are pleased to annonunce that we have teamed up and acquired a new CS:GO team for our Main Divison. This marks a milestone for WickedYouth and kickstarts our journey to expand our organisation. Alongside our venture into picking up a female and junior team earlier this month we see a bright future for WickedYouth. 

 WickedYouth Main Line-up:

  • Niclas 'nikodemous' Kempe
  • Martin 'Witness' Rundström
  • Jesper 'teebo' Asplund
  • Andreas 'Miistermaen' Isaksson
  • Lucas 'Lakiiluuk' Unger


Earlier LAN achievements:

  • #5-8 at Rendezvous LAN 2016
  • #5-8 at Dreamhack Winter 2016 BYOC #1
  • #2 at Dreamhack Winter 2016 BYOC #3
  • #5-8 at GameIN LAN 2016
  • #9-12 at Spektrum 9 



 Players from left to right: Lakiiluuk, Teebo, Nikodemous, Witness, Miistermaen.



Jimmie Björkman

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