• 7licious

    Tilde Byström

    Tilde ”7Licious” Byström is my name. I’ve been streaming on twitch for almost 6 months. Most of the time I stream CS:GO but I do also stream H1Z1, Overwatch, World of warcraft and sometimes horror games. My dream is to be able to stream on a full-time schedule because streaming is my passion and I love the connection I get with my viewers. I’m very excited over being a part of WickedYouth and I’m looking forward to grow bigger together....Read More

  • Tipsyfox_

    Jim Lidenskog

    My name is Jim Lidenskog aka "Tipsyfox_" and I live in Gothenburg. I've been streaming for a bit over a month now and it has been a really good start for me with alot of people who have come and say "Hi" in the chat and watched me play. The "main" games I play are CS:GO, H1Z1:KOTK and Overwatch. But sometimes I will stream random fun games too! I got one big goal for this year and it's to become partner with Twitch but besides that I just wanna have fun with my viewers and have a great time streaming!...Read More

  • anDuuii

    Andreas Stenström

    The name is Andreas and I am a 27 year old singel father to a 4 year old girl and I love to stream all kind of games. My schedule is a bit different from week to week and may be different when I start, but this schedule is when I "mostly" start! (All times are in GMT +1) UNEVEN weeks. Monday to friday: 19.30 - 23.00 Saturday & sunday: 19.30 - 23.00 EVEN weeks: Monday to friday: 18.00 - 23.00 Saturday & sundayTrying to stream at least 8-12 hours each day, follow my facebook and twitter and you'll get notified when I go online!...Read More

  • majkmannen

    Mattias Johansson

    Långhårig med mustasch. ...Read More